Monday, December 22, 2008

I told you I was tired.

I just noticed in the preview, I picked the wrong skipoles file. It wasn't cleaned up yet. Please, oh please, tell me I didn't include it in the kit. If I did, and you don't have the software to erase it, just leave me a note and I'll re-do that zip with the correct skipoles.......or you could just pretend it's snow! Hahahaha! I'm so sorry. Beginner's mistake. I need to remember to delete the files I clean or change as I go. Hopefully, I picked the right one for the zip.

Like everyone else, I'm running out of time to wrap presents! Well, like most people, I'm sure. Every year, doesn't matter if I'm done shopping in Nov or on Christmas Eve, I always leave the wrapping till the last second. I hate that part. I don't even put ribbons or bows on the last ones. I just want to get it DONE! So now I'm looking for the tape I just KNOW I bought and wondering if I have enough wrapping paper for all these gifts. Wow! Did I buy all this? How am I gonna load all this in my minivan along with suitcases for 8 people plus the 8 people themselves? Hmmmmm.........nah! Not gonna happen. Somebody's gonna have to ride on top!

I'll be away for Christmas with my extended family, showing off the new baby and how much the other grandkids have grown. So, it'll be another week before I manage to get back on here! I'll be working on another kit after that. Don't yet have anything in mind but I'll be mulling some things over in my mind while I'm gone. I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A new freebie!

I worked all day on a kit for KimB's color challenge at DSO. Now I'm too tired to do anything but just show you the preview and give you the links. Haha! I didn't even name it! Oh, well. Hope you like it.

Here's the links to the download:



Monday, December 15, 2008


Choochoochoochoo......All Aboard! The Holly Jolly Express has left the station! I've made a layout that I may use as a Christmas card using items from my portion.

At final boarding there were 80 stops along the route. This track makes stops all over the world so if someone's post isn't up yet (due to time differences) just bookmark it and you can hit it on the return trip.

The fare for this train ride isn't expensive. You just need to be sure to leave a nice Thank You on all the blogs in their comments before going to their download pages.

Here is a preview of my portion. Hope you can find something here you'd like to have as a "souvenir" of your train ride! LOL!

And here is where you go to download the items at my stop.

Feel free to return to the station at anytime by clicking the logobelow. Make sure you bookmark it in case you can't ride the train allthe way through to the end today.


Here's the complete blogroll :

Stop 01 - BeaconScrap
Stop 02 - Carolyn Ritter
Stop 04 - Crafted by Gina
Stop 10 - Bits O’Scrap
Stop 13- Mumure
Stop 15 - Aussie Scraps
Stop 18 - swordascrappin
Stop 19 - Kismet
Stop 20 - Missladyhawke
Stop 22 - Vanjo Designs
Stop 23 - Angi's Place
top 24 - SotoCreations
Stop 28 - Amy's Scraps
Stop 29 - jaydensmama
Stop 32 - Kitten Scraps
Stop 33 - Grandma Pat
Stop 35 - JIC Creations
Stop 37 - Babyyaks
Stop 39 - Pretty Scrappy
Stop 41 - CMB Designs
Stop 42 - Christy Skaggs
Stop 43 - SnapScrapCreate
Stop 44 - Believe Designs
Stop 46 - MIP Scraps
Stop 52 - Hummie's World
Stop 54 - DesignZ by DeDe
Stop 55 - twisted angel
Stop 59 - Bits'N'Bobs
Stop 62 - Candie
Stop 65 - Prairie Sage
Stop 68 - Mariscrap
Stop 69 - Marbled Circle
Stop 71 - Kolor'Scapez!
Stop 77 - Angel Flower
Stop 78 - Designs by Teri

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Winter Blog design

I changed the fall colors to go with my winter creekside pic. This is the same creek by my house just taken from a different viewpoint. And the snowman blinkie was created by me, also! Isn't he cute?

I just wanted to pop in and remind you about the Holly Jolly Express. It pulls out of the station Mon, Dec 15th. At the final count, there are 80 different designers participating, all using the same color swatch. So if you get them all, you'll have a Mighty Mega Christmas kit!!!

One more layout of my new grandson. I promise not to bombard you with layouts of him but I just have to show you this. Their first night together, these two brothers sailed off to dreamland side by side with Wynken, Blynken and Nod. Of course, Mommy had to move the baby back into his bed later but first she ran to get me to take a picture of them. I think they are going to be best buddies!

I used freebies from friends of mine at Scrapbook Max available in the forum's Sharing Corner. The background paper is from Fourfoxes called Starry, starry night. The Old Man Moon and the ship was from Mommabird. And the "blankie" was created from freebie embellisments done by SBM designer Fiona Storey as a challenge posting bonus.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

He's finally here!

Caden Scott arrived on Dec 9th, 2008 at 11:11 A.M. He was 8 lbs 12 oz. and was 20 inches long. His older brother and sisters can't get enough of being around him. Each little feature is a source of wonder (and questions). "He's so soft" and "He's got little arms. I got BIG arms" and "He's sleepy. He's yawning" are heard over and over again. (Along with "Be easy" and "Not so rough." LOL!) His birth was quite easy, lasting only 7 hours from beginning of labor to delivery. Here's a layout I made of Caden and his siblings at their first meeting. This Is Love!

I used a freebie kit from Angelwithin Designs (Fiona Storey) at ScrapbookMax for the ribbon, lace, bow, buttons and tie, and journal tag (also used tag for frame around pics). Used Lashana Maya kit by Deanne Gow Smith at Scrapbook Max for the background paper (recolored) and the Our Baby and stitches over lace. Used Moonlight Pearl by Deanne Gow Smith for the larger frame with pearls (recolored). Wordart by KimB's Designs This Is Love kit. Thanks, ladies, for letting me use your kits to share our joy with the world!

Remember, the Holly Jolly Blog Train pulls out on Dec 15th! Be sure to come back to get Christmas freebies from over 70 designers (me included)!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


As my profile to the left tells you, I am expecting a new grandbaby this week. Today is the actual due date but the Dr told her on the 20th it could be any day so we've just been waiting......and waiting.....and..... Well, you get the idea. I'm sorry you've been missing me, but the holidays and grandchildren and a little illness has kept me from getting on here to update you.

I have finished my portion of the Holly Jolly Blog Train. I'll try to get it wrapped up and sent in and you can get it and ALL the other 70 some designers' kits on the 15th of Dec. Just stop by here and I'll link you to mine and the page where you can get the rest of the kits.

I've done a couple wordarts to share but haven't felt like getting on to set them up for sharing. It's nothing serious. My blood pressure has been quite elevated, 227/110, and they gave me medicine to bring it down real fast. I'm supposed to take it twice a day but it completely knocks me out for about 2-3 hours, so I have to take it in the evening and during the night so I'm able to stay awake at work. (Which is why I haven't been able to get on here. I'm asleep! LOL!) When I went back to the Dr to have the blood pressure taken again, it was still too high so they want me to take it THREE times a day. Uh......when?!!?!! And now, I'm afraid to take it at all this week in case my daughter, who lives with me with her other 3 children, goes into labor. How am I going to drive if I'm loopy and drowsy from the medicine? So I haven't been feeling real well and now having headaches, too. Anyway, not feeling too creative at the moment. Actually this is the first time I've even been on to check out anyone else's blogs, too. I miss you guys!! I'll try to get around to everyone and will definitely be on to let you know about the new baby boy we are waiting on .......and waiting......and waiting.....