Thursday, January 29, 2009

Layouts to show

Eye from SBM did another layout for me using my Grandmother's Parlor kit. It's of her beautiful daughter, Sheena. I love the way she used the frame over and over to create a new frame. And she used one of the flowers behind it so it looks like ruffles. Isn't that creative?
And Jazzy has new wordart in her store at Digiscrap Obsession. The first one is called Funky Love Lines and I used it for this layout of my parents. The kits I used were called Flitting Fall Faeries and Rough to the Touch by Studio Lorie at Scrapbookgraphics. Gives their romantic kiss a Gone With the Wind look, don't you think? The photo was taken about 1944.
And here I used her new Girl Power kit. This is my beautiful granddaughter, Tayler. I love her SO much! I used 2 of Carena's Designs kits to make this. Her Princess Story and Susan kits.

So go check out all these new kits from everyone and enjoy your weekend! We'll be watching the Super Bowl at my house. How about yours?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grandmother's Parlor

My Grandmother's Parlor was just inside the front door. It had double doors that slid back into the wall on either side. It was where the family gathered to share their day, play games (no TV, you know) and sit and watch their siblings court their future spouses. I never saw it in it's heyday. My father was born during the depression and after most of his siblings were grown. I never even knew my grandparents. But the old home place is still in the extended family and the parlor has been remodeled after going through 2 major floods. But in my mind, I imagine a room with lots of flowers on the upholstery and hand-made pillows, prizm fringes on the lamps, antique pictures on the wall and cherry woodwork everywhere.

With this picture in my mind, I designed my new kit using the colors of Kimb's Jan Color Challenge at DSO. Sorry it took me so long to get it to you. Time just seemed to get away from me and here it is the last week of Jan already. I struggled with the prizm fringe for a couple weeks. Still not what I want but it's OK. Anybody know of a good tutorial for prizms? LOL! After this I don't care if I see another prizm. I included an old antique photo of a relative of mine. You can always kick him out if you don't like having him around. The hatbox and gloves were gifts from a family wedding. I hope you like this one.

The scrapbook, hatbox, gloves and rose in the bottom corner of my preview are a cluster but all parts are included individually, too.

You can go here for your downloads:

Elements 1

Elements 2

Elements 3

Papers 1

Papers 2

See ya, next time!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Look what I got to show off!! Finally I've found someone who's used my kits! My very good friend, Eye, from Scrapbook Max sent me this layout she did of her kids, Sheena and Ethan running into the house from out in the cold. They live WAY up north. I absolutlely LOVE what she did with it!

Isn't this "Cool"? Thanks, Eye!

Eye was one of the first friends I made at SBM. She gave me lots of pointers on doing layouts (as I was a complete idiot!) I had never done digital scrapbooking and when I found SBM it was so EASY! I loved all the things I could do and I didn't have to cut or paste anything! LOL! And I didn't have to buy the same thing again because I cut or pasted it wrong! Hahaha! Eye taught me how to make Out Of Bounds pics for the first time, too!

She is so very generous with all her time and efforts at giving us lots of freebies herself that I'm so glad I can finally give something back to her. Come on over to SBM and look in the Embellishments for some of Eye's freebies. Thank you, Eye for everything you do for all of us at SBM.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jazz's New Wordart

Hahaha! When Jazz sent me her new wordart, I just sat and laughed my way through it. Then of course, I had to start thinking of which photos I could use for these.

Her new wordart is called Humor Fest! Get the idea? And they are just cute little sayings that will brighten your spirits. Here's the 1st photo I thought of when I read this quote. We'd gone to Disney World and Universal Studios. My sister's husband broke the rules by riding this........."caterpillar"? It's in Dr. Seuss Land so I'm sure that's not what it's called. It's in the "baby" gym area with the slides and the springy rides and the cushioned floor. Wanting to make my grandkids smile, he climbed into the saddle. But he had quite a time getting back OUT of that saddle after he got in! Bwahahahahaha!

Here's the simple layout I did. Just blended the "best" photo into the back ground so you'd be sure to see him real good! Hahahaha! The kids really liked Universal Studios and getting eaten by Jaws was a real "treat".

Awwwww......such nice memories. We'll have to think about going back again soon.

Look for Jazz's Humor Fest wordart coming this week to her store exclusively at

No comment on Grandmother's Parlor. I promised to work on it and I did.........I just didn't get it done with 6 grandkids running in and out. But I made a lot of progress. Should be ready soon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just one more!

Ok, just one more sketch effect done in PSE of my new grandson, Caden. The kit is from and is their January Collab kit called Winter New Year. The fairy is from a kit called Enchanted Forest by Madame Mim and Milla Designs. The wordart was done by my friend, Bekah_E. It's a freebie from the Magical Moments Challenge that she is hosting at her new store, Enchanted Studio Scraps! I'm so happy for her! Way to go, Bekah! I wish you luck with your new endeavor.

I'm going to be working on Grandmother's Parlor this weekend! Promise! I've just had so many commitments I haven't had much time but I WILL try to finish it this weekend. See you on Monday!~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold! Brrrrr!

It's so cold here (and going to get colder) that I was inspired to change my desktop to one a bit more appropriate for winter. (Mine still had Nov's calendar on it! LOL!) I used another kit from WaterLO Project and it's FREE! Yea!

This is my digital sketch of my granddaughter, Adreanna. Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes? I think this looks considerably more "chilly" for a wintertime computer desktop, don't you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Layout!

I've been so busy that I've been ignoring my duties as CT for Jazzy at Words to Delite so I made a layout for my daughter, Rachel, of her new son with her dad at Christmas. (My ex-husband...... so this was a labor of love for my daughter.......and I do mean LABOR!) Nah, it wasn't so hard! I just kept looking at that smile on Caden's little face! One of his first! Isn't he just adorable?

I used a kit by WaterLO Project called At The Goldmine and scraplifted a layout I saw there by Libca. The Caden Ornament was given to me from a friend at Scrapbook Max, Mommabird, when Caden was born.
The beautiful wordart is from Jazz's Tiny Love Notes available at DSO. I did recolor it so you could see it on the dark background. Here's a preview of her new kit.

I'm still working on Grandmother's Parlor but I'll have it done soon! I promise!!

"Surprisingly Simple" challenge!

EilaJean has challenged all her readers to post this on their blog today. Seems there is a "surprisingly simply" way to help with world hunger. Just a simple click and money will be donated to the Hunger Site. So, because I'm one of her readers and because I believe we should all try to help where we can (and because I love to do challenges) I'm going to paste her info here on how YOU, too, can help stop world hunger. Doesn't cost you a penny, just a moment of your time each and every day. Put it on your homepage, put it in your favorites, paste a sticky note at the top of your computer; whatever you have to do to remind yourself that someone needs your "click" today!

The link is below - if you would like to head over now and check it out...

(quote:EilaJean) "This is the post on Snopes where I checked out the validity of it... I pasted it in the blog so you could read it yourself. So now I have done one more thing to make the world a little better place... and there are still 11 1/2 months left in 2009. WOO HOO! I really do hope you will check it out... do it, and pass it on." The Hunger Site

The Hunger Site Claim: You can direct money to hunger relief simply by clicking a button on a website.Status: True.Origins: Over the last few years we've seen a plethora of altruistic appeals circulate on the Internet, each one claiming that you could donate money to a worthy cause or right some terrible injustice — at no cost to you — merely by taking some simple action, such as forwarding an e-mail message. (See our Jessica Mydek page for one example.)

All of these messages were hoaxes — until The Hunger Site came along. At The Hunger Site, you can "donate" money to hunger relief simply by clicking a button. How? The Hunger Site, the creation of John Breen, a 42-year-old computer programmer fromBloomington, Indiana, was funded by various companies who sponsored the site for a day. Every sponsor donated the approximate cost of 1/4 of a cup of food to the United Nations' World Food Program for each user who clicks on the site during the day. (If multiple companies were sponsoring the site, the amount of food donated was multiplied by the number of sponsors.) Breen created the site in June 1999 as a personal project to help deal with hunger in developing countries, and the response was soon so overwhelming that he spent most of his time administering the site even though he received no income, loans, grants, or donations to compensate him for his time and effort or pay his expenses. Eventually The Hunger Site became part of, a shopping portal where customers could direct up to 15% of the cost of every purchase to causes they selected. ceased operations in July 2001, and The Hunger Site was temporarily shut down until took over its operations a few weeks later.

Other sites also offer similar means for visitors to aid various charities:

l Animal Rescue Site
l The Breast Cancer Site

Additional Information:

World Food Program
The Hunger Site (World Food Program)
print=y (1 of 2)1/13/2009 9:40:19 AM The Hunger Site
World Food Program

The Hunger Site press release (World Food Program)
Last updated: 8 October 2007
The URL for this page is

Urban Legends Reference Pages © 1995-2009 by This material may not be reproduced without permission. snopes and the logo are registered service marks of Sources Sources:Kirby, Carrie. "Millions Eat Because People Click a Button."San Francisco Chronicle. 20 December 1999. Rowe, Peter. "Fighting Hunger with the Click of a Button."The San Diego Union-Tribune. 15 July 1999 (p. E1).
print=y (2 of 2)1/13/2009 9:40:19 AM

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, dear!

There's a couple of new shows coming on that I've just GOT to watch, 24 and American Idol being the top two. How am I ever going to get anything done in the designing field? 24 is on AGAIN tonight. Part 2 of the season premier. Then tomorrow and probably Wed and Thurs, too, is American Idol's pre-Hollywood tryouts. I used to have a cheval mirror that stood in the next room and was angled so that I could see the TV from my computer chair but the grandkids knocked it over and broke it. My computer has a TV tuner built in but PS uses so much memory that I wouldn't want to bring them both up at the same time, can't see it well enough behind the PS window anyway since I need that screen BIG! LOL! Well, this is a problem that I'm just going to have to fix! Guess I need a new mirror! Hahahahaha!

(silence.........) Well, isn't my life just the most exciting thing. I've got nothing new to share. But what can I expect? I spend my time at work or in front of the computer or the TV. Maybe I should go visit Kimb! She ALWAYS seems to be having fun! Hey, Kim! Here I come! (in my dreams.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's almost done!

I worked off and on all weekend on my DSO color challenge kit. I decided to go with a victorian feel and named it Grandmother's parlor. Get the idea? But now it's 7:30 PM and I have to get stuff packed away so I'll be ready to watch one of my favorite TV shows, 24. The season premier starts tonight!! With the writers strike, 24 got put on hiatus last year so it's been a LONG wait! But a new day is about to begin.

So anyway, I've run out of time to finish my kit. But be looking for it in the next few days. I think you'll like it. AND, I'll TRY to get on here more often. Now that the new baby's here and Christmas is over with, I think I can get back into the swing of things. I've got LOTS of layouts to get done!! Gotta run!! Jack's back!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

57 Flavors

I thought my daughter had all the kids in the room with her, she thought I had the littlest one, Adreanna. Has that ever happened to you? Probably so. Well, I walked into the kitchen and the refrigerater door was standing wide open!

I yelled back into the other room, "Who left the door open?" I heard this little tiny "Me!" from behind the fridge. When I looked over, this is what I saw!
She'd opened the children's yogurt. ALL 6 OF THEM! Bwahahahaha! I couldn't help it. I ran for the camera! Of course, if she'd spilled them, I'd have been a bit more upset! Haha! But no, she had a couple spoons in a couple of them and was trying all the flavors! OK. Maybe not 57 but all 6 flavors!

Most of them were on her face! Here she looks like she's looking around saying "What? What are you looking at? I didn't do it!"

She tried to share with her brother after we found her. But then we managed to get her to take them to the table.

Could you be angry with this little face? Me, either! Hahahahaha!
Well, I'm working on a new kit for the DSO Color Challenge. It's a very soft color swatch this time. I'm thinking fantasy or English garden maybe? Of course, I've never been to England so I'm guessing about how their gardens look. LOL! I'll let you know soon what I decide.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ok, you get 2 today!

I just had to show off this pic of my new grandson, Caden. Look at that hair!!! It's so long! LOL! If you knew us, you'd know why this tickles me so much. My family always has bald babies. Or mostly bald. And they tend to stay that way for the first YEAR! Caden's hair is so soft and long. We know it's probably going to fall out soon and wanted to be sure we got good pics of just how MUCH hair he used to have before he joins the ranks of the other babies in the family........and his Great-Uncles Jeff and Gary. LOL!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year's Eve. I spent the evening reading a good book! LOL!

I wanted to share a few of our Christmas pics with you. I love seeing children unwrapping gifts, don't you? The excitement is mostly mine, I must admit. LOL! I can't wait for Christmas to get here and then.......just like that, it's over. Oh well, it'll be back next year. Above you can see the cake we had for Christmas Eve. My sister, Cathy, made it all. Even the trees and the cookies for the people.
Below is my mother's tree with most of the presents under it. A couple people came after this bringing more. In the background you can see my grandchildren looking for reindeer tracks in the mud. (We didn't have a white christmas, just a wet one.)
Then this is my daughter, with 2 of her children and Tyler on the floor waiting to start!
Adreanna opening gifts!
Cameron and Tyler LOVE the new gun. Tyler already has one like it so now they can play soldier together! It makes lots of noise and has a flashlight for night playing.
A group shot toward the other end of the room. You can just see my grandchildren, Rheanna and Tayler in the foreground. We had a total of 29 people there all unwrapping gifts at the same time. Course, most of it is just for the kids. I was sitting in the center of the room, taking pics toward both ends so it's a huge room and THIS year we each got a trashbag for our corner before we started so the paper cleanup was a breeze! Except for my poor brother, Jeff, who had to carry out 12 garbage bags to the road for pickup! Usually, we have paper piled waist high and someone has to go through and gather it all up afterwards. LOL!
Caden got to meet some new relatives. (And they got to meet him!) Here's his great-grandmother (my 80 year-old mother). And below, Caden meets his cousin, Derek.
Before I go, I want you to see a "pencil sketch" effect I did of one of my granddaughters. This is the original shot of Rheanna from Christmas.
And here's how the "sketch" turned out!

Cool, huh! I did one of all 4 of Rachel's kids. I'll show them to you another time. Hope your new year is bright, happy, healthy and prosperous!