Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, dear!

There's a couple of new shows coming on that I've just GOT to watch, 24 and American Idol being the top two. How am I ever going to get anything done in the designing field? 24 is on AGAIN tonight. Part 2 of the season premier. Then tomorrow and probably Wed and Thurs, too, is American Idol's pre-Hollywood tryouts. I used to have a cheval mirror that stood in the next room and was angled so that I could see the TV from my computer chair but the grandkids knocked it over and broke it. My computer has a TV tuner built in but PS uses so much memory that I wouldn't want to bring them both up at the same time, can't see it well enough behind the PS window anyway since I need that screen BIG! LOL! Well, this is a problem that I'm just going to have to fix! Guess I need a new mirror! Hahahahaha!

(silence.........) Well, isn't my life just the most exciting thing. I've got nothing new to share. But what can I expect? I spend my time at work or in front of the computer or the TV. Maybe I should go visit Kimb! She ALWAYS seems to be having fun! Hey, Kim! Here I come! (in my dreams.)


eilajean said...

DVR - I don't know what I did before I had one! Can't live without it now.

I have never watched either of those shows - but like America's got talent and the new one Leverage - LOVE that one - and now the closer is comeingback - I see what you mean!

You are too funny. LOL

pkdoll said...

Mel!! I too have DVR and don't know what I would do without it!! Those are 2 of my favorite shows too! 24 has come back better than ever!! Can't wait to see your color challenge kit!!!

Talk to you soon!

eilajean said...

OK OK - I have the DVR set up to record American Idol tonight. No promises (smiley face) - As far as the mug cake post - I TRIED to give fair warning - and I tried to put in spaces, but for some reason it just wouldn't. I think it was the chocolate gremlins trying to suck you all in.

Have a great day! AND GET A DVR! Never have to watch another commercial again!