Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Look what I got to show off!! Finally I've found someone who's used my kits! My very good friend, Eye, from Scrapbook Max sent me this layout she did of her kids, Sheena and Ethan running into the house from out in the cold. They live WAY up north. I absolutlely LOVE what she did with it!

Isn't this "Cool"? Thanks, Eye!

Eye was one of the first friends I made at SBM. She gave me lots of pointers on doing layouts (as I was a complete idiot!) I had never done digital scrapbooking and when I found SBM it was so EASY! I loved all the things I could do and I didn't have to cut or paste anything! LOL! And I didn't have to buy the same thing again because I cut or pasted it wrong! Hahaha! Eye taught me how to make Out Of Bounds pics for the first time, too!

She is so very generous with all her time and efforts at giving us lots of freebies herself that I'm so glad I can finally give something back to her. Come on over to SBM and look in the Embellishments for some of Eye's freebies. Thank you, Eye for everything you do for all of us at SBM.


Jazzy said...

hi GF just popping in to say hello and see what you are up to.Great layout from eye..isnt she a doll.she was also one of the first I met on SBM Thanks for the layout and the plug for my new word art..I just love that layout. Looks like all were having a good time.

pkdoll said...

Hi Mel!! Just popping in to say hi and see what you are up to. Nice page by Eye. She is always so generous in sharing her talents. Talk to you soon!!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing trying to swell up my head.Thank you so much for that kit.I am going to do another one.

Crops said...

OK, since everyone is POPPING by, I might as well POP in too....LOL
I just gotta tell ya, I LOVE what you wrote to me on my blog, I am gonna copy and paste that onto a page and stick it in my journal, and when things get tough, I am always going to have your wise words of wisdom to fall back on, THANK you my friend! You sure know how to put things into perspective!! Wish I could give you a huge HUG but all I can do is this... {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}

Great layout by Eye, doesnt she do awesome stuff!!!
You take it easy and try to stay warm, I hear a heat was is coming...40 degrees this weekend, wahoooooooooo...lol

eilajean said...

Eye's page is awesome. It just FEELS cold!

I was impressed by the points you made in your comment to Crops. I grew up in the military (Marine Dad). We were at a number of different bases, and encountered different racial attitudes in different places. I guess I have never been one to see color - for that reason. It is a huge moment for Black America, and hopefully they will take that pride and realize we are now ALL Americans. History was made - and now it is time to get back to the business of fixing what is wrong. I do have to say that Barack is actually a true African American (based on his father and mother's heritages). But overall, he is our new President. Fingers crossed for the future.

Have a great day. I enjoy stopping through your world.


eilajean said...

Hi Meleanie

Just popping in to let you know you have an award over at my little place on the net.

Have a great day!