Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jazz's New Wordart

Hahaha! When Jazz sent me her new wordart, I just sat and laughed my way through it. Then of course, I had to start thinking of which photos I could use for these.

Her new wordart is called Humor Fest! Get the idea? And they are just cute little sayings that will brighten your spirits. Here's the 1st photo I thought of when I read this quote. We'd gone to Disney World and Universal Studios. My sister's husband broke the rules by riding this........."caterpillar"? It's in Dr. Seuss Land so I'm sure that's not what it's called. It's in the "baby" gym area with the slides and the springy rides and the cushioned floor. Wanting to make my grandkids smile, he climbed into the saddle. But he had quite a time getting back OUT of that saddle after he got in! Bwahahahahaha!

Here's the simple layout I did. Just blended the "best" photo into the back ground so you'd be sure to see him real good! Hahahaha! The kids really liked Universal Studios and getting eaten by Jaws was a real "treat".

Awwwww......such nice memories. We'll have to think about going back again soon.

Look for Jazz's Humor Fest wordart coming this week to her store exclusively at

No comment on Grandmother's Parlor. I promised to work on it and I did.........I just didn't get it done with 6 grandkids running in and out. But I made a lot of progress. Should be ready soon.


pkdoll said...

Mel---looks to me like he had a lot of fun and so did the rest of you. What a special memory and he looks hilarious in that saddle.hahahaha! Great page!

cathys creations said...

mel, hilarous, i love those photos, cathy

Crops said...

Hello, Just want you to know I have
an award for you on my blog!! Stop by and pick it up, ok!!!