Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold! Brrrrr!

It's so cold here (and going to get colder) that I was inspired to change my desktop to one a bit more appropriate for winter. (Mine still had Nov's calendar on it! LOL!) I used another kit from WaterLO Project and it's FREE! Yea!

This is my digital sketch of my granddaughter, Adreanna. Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes? I think this looks considerably more "chilly" for a wintertime computer desktop, don't you?


Angel said...

Thats is a great desktop! Your granddaughter is Beautiful!

Crops said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! You have certainly mastered this effect! LOVE IT!!! Now try to stay warm!!! It seems to be freezing everywhere these past few days!!! Whatever happened to the GLOBAL WARMING???? Maybe it has pasted, cause my butt is freezzzinggggggggggggggg! LOL
Have a great weekend!!! xoxox

(stupid word-doesnt make sense, heck I can even come up with anything good with it!!! LOL)


Good morning, I came in this morning. Hopefully this will bring happiness to you.

I like your Image.

pkdoll said...

Like Crops said you have perfected this effect and I am just loving it!! Stay warm my friend.