Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year's Eve. I spent the evening reading a good book! LOL!

I wanted to share a few of our Christmas pics with you. I love seeing children unwrapping gifts, don't you? The excitement is mostly mine, I must admit. LOL! I can't wait for Christmas to get here and then.......just like that, it's over. Oh well, it'll be back next year. Above you can see the cake we had for Christmas Eve. My sister, Cathy, made it all. Even the trees and the cookies for the people.
Below is my mother's tree with most of the presents under it. A couple people came after this bringing more. In the background you can see my grandchildren looking for reindeer tracks in the mud. (We didn't have a white christmas, just a wet one.)
Then this is my daughter, with 2 of her children and Tyler on the floor waiting to start!
Adreanna opening gifts!
Cameron and Tyler LOVE the new gun. Tyler already has one like it so now they can play soldier together! It makes lots of noise and has a flashlight for night playing.
A group shot toward the other end of the room. You can just see my grandchildren, Rheanna and Tayler in the foreground. We had a total of 29 people there all unwrapping gifts at the same time. Course, most of it is just for the kids. I was sitting in the center of the room, taking pics toward both ends so it's a huge room and THIS year we each got a trashbag for our corner before we started so the paper cleanup was a breeze! Except for my poor brother, Jeff, who had to carry out 12 garbage bags to the road for pickup! Usually, we have paper piled waist high and someone has to go through and gather it all up afterwards. LOL!
Caden got to meet some new relatives. (And they got to meet him!) Here's his great-grandmother (my 80 year-old mother). And below, Caden meets his cousin, Derek.
Before I go, I want you to see a "pencil sketch" effect I did of one of my granddaughters. This is the original shot of Rheanna from Christmas.
And here's how the "sketch" turned out!

Cool, huh! I did one of all 4 of Rachel's kids. I'll show them to you another time. Hope your new year is bright, happy, healthy and prosperous!


Crops said...

All those presentssss!!! Ohhh I would love to be a fly on the wall at your house....LOL It certainly looks like everyone had a fantastic time!!
And that babies hair is PRICELESS...hey, ya never know, he may just surprise ya all and keep it! LOL He is adorable and when I first saw him, the first thought I had was WHAT A PEANUT!!!! (which is a good thing) I love peanuts...hehehe but what really got me in awe is that picture you sketched...OMGODDDDDDDDDDDD.... that is beyond wonderful!!!! Now you got to tell me how you did that...LOL I am going to be digging out all my sketch stuff and try doing this, but the softness to it, just floors spill....GF!!!! LOL what are the secrets!!??????? HAHAHAHA
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pic and you spending New Years Eve reading a book, does NOT surprise me.....LOL
Hope all your dreams come true in 09!!! xoxoxox

ps... word is frofrat....hmmmmmm gotta get me a fro and join at frat.....LMAO

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mel, love all your pics and the sketch awesome.Great blog keep up the good work.xo,Moonlightpearl.

Susie said...

Wow, Mel, it sure looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here's wishing you a very happy new year!! HUGS, twpclerk

Rachelle said...

Gorgeous! Amazing what you can do!

RoseAddict said...

Your pencil sketch is beautiful and looks just like Rheanna.

Tim.Parker said...

Happy New Year to all!