Monday, December 22, 2008

I told you I was tired.

I just noticed in the preview, I picked the wrong skipoles file. It wasn't cleaned up yet. Please, oh please, tell me I didn't include it in the kit. If I did, and you don't have the software to erase it, just leave me a note and I'll re-do that zip with the correct skipoles.......or you could just pretend it's snow! Hahahaha! I'm so sorry. Beginner's mistake. I need to remember to delete the files I clean or change as I go. Hopefully, I picked the right one for the zip.

Like everyone else, I'm running out of time to wrap presents! Well, like most people, I'm sure. Every year, doesn't matter if I'm done shopping in Nov or on Christmas Eve, I always leave the wrapping till the last second. I hate that part. I don't even put ribbons or bows on the last ones. I just want to get it DONE! So now I'm looking for the tape I just KNOW I bought and wondering if I have enough wrapping paper for all these gifts. Wow! Did I buy all this? How am I gonna load all this in my minivan along with suitcases for 8 people plus the 8 people themselves? Hmmmmm.........nah! Not gonna happen. Somebody's gonna have to ride on top!

I'll be away for Christmas with my extended family, showing off the new baby and how much the other grandkids have grown. So, it'll be another week before I manage to get back on here! I'll be working on another kit after that. Don't yet have anything in mind but I'll be mulling some things over in my mind while I'm gone. I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!


Cindyrelly said...

Wow Melanie ;) Great job on the Color Challenge kit! I haven't wrapped anything yet either and am such a procrastinator! Have a Wonderful Holiday with your family :) {{{Big Hug}}} Cindy

pkdoll said...

Merry Christmas Melanie and have a safe trip!! See you when you get back.

Crops said...


word is....asyrat....what does that mean????? YIKESSSSSSSSSSS