Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Layout!

I've been so busy that I've been ignoring my duties as CT for Jazzy at Words to Delite so I made a layout for my daughter, Rachel, of her new son with her dad at Christmas. (My ex-husband...... so this was a labor of love for my daughter.......and I do mean LABOR!) Nah, it wasn't so hard! I just kept looking at that smile on Caden's little face! One of his first! Isn't he just adorable?

I used a kit by WaterLO Project called At The Goldmine and scraplifted a layout I saw there by Libca. The Caden Ornament was given to me from a friend at Scrapbook Max, Mommabird, when Caden was born.
The beautiful wordart is from Jazz's Tiny Love Notes available at DSO. I did recolor it so you could see it on the dark background. Here's a preview of her new kit.

I'm still working on Grandmother's Parlor but I'll have it done soon! I promise!!

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Crops said...

What a sweet, sweet layout!!! Caden is certainly a cutiepatootie!
You crack me up with the labor that went into this....poor thing! STAY AWAY from the pizza!!!!! We are so much alike...Last friday that was me... 2 slices for lunch and then 2 slices for dinner... ohhh, not sooo good! But then I was super duper good all weekend! I do have the bad habit of weighing in everyday, which is great when you are losing, but on those days that you are at a standstand, or you gain a pound, can KILL ya....LOL
Just get back on that horse again and you will do just fine!!!!!
Time for me to hit the hay! Take it easy gf!
Word is pubslo.... hmmmm, pub must be slow tonight, cause it's sooo freakin cold! LOL
Later Dude!!!