Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ha Ha! She found me.......

Must have been when I used my link under "Blogs I Visit Daily" to get to her site. I got one comment yesterday from a good friend from Scrapbook Max. I haven't even told FAMILY that I've started this blog and here Paula left me my very first comment. Thanks, PK! Luv ya! How'd you know it was me?

Didn't get anything accomplished yesterday on my designer journey......well, except for starting up this blog. But that was homework. LOL! The reason being that I found Lorie Davison's new kit at Scrapbookgraphics and I just have to get ALL of her kits. They are always so unusual, so happy, so FUN! But she always includes regular items also making the kits so very versatile. Her "fun stuff" reminds me of Dr Seuss, a favorite author of mine as a child and of my grandchildren, now. Her new kit is called Flitting Fall Faeries and of course I have to get the "Collection with Everything In It" so I spent the evening downloading 16 different zips (most of them over 50 MBs). Can't wait to start using them. Maybe I can add one of those slide shows on here and show you some layouts I make. Hmmmmm........See? Still working on the blog. Told you it would change along the way.

Tonight, I hope to work on my "homework kit" that I have to make for the Design Academy. Got a few ideas for embellishments and want to work on those. I have several papers made already. After completing the class, the next step is to start creating kits for the color challenges done at a lot of sites. That's where I'll get the most exposure and will have to sit back and bite my nails until I get some feed back from the people downloading and USING the kits. Their (your) feedback will help me to continue to work on and improve my style.

My favorite color challenge is hosted by Kim Broedelet (KimB) at and Kim has some new CU patterns up in her store there this week. (Gotta think "CU OK" more now than before.) One is of Halloween patterns and the other is a Geometric pattern. I also am on a Creative Team for Words to Delite by Jazzy. Her word art is sold exlusively at DSO also and she's got some Heritage Cards coming up this week probably Thursday. You should check them out!

Well. I will let you know tomorrow how the designer journey went tonight or if I was still on a "layover" from last night. I may not be able to resist using that new kit. Why isn't there more hours in a day?


Kim B said...

LOL- WOOOHOOOOO, found ya too thanks to PK. Welcome to the blogging world GF! And can't wait to see your creations either!

Sending hugs

pkdoll said...

LOL! I guess I just know you too well that when I followed your link back here and read your description I KNEW it was you GF!! Again--congrats on your blog and your new venture into designing!! I just know you are going to excell in whatever you do!:)

Jazzy said...

Oh girl Im so proud for you..going after a dream is such an exciting thing and I know you will do well with your designing..your layouts are always so beautiful..your designs cant be anything but..good luck hugs and big much love meee

Carol said...

Way to Go GF!!!!! I'm sooooo proud of ya!!! Your blog looks great!! I see wonderful things coming from you! I wish you nothing but the best!