Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look at my slideshow

Well, I worked on adding a slideshow of some of my layouts but didn't have a lot of success. I did get them posted at the bottom of this page (You can scroll down and see my grandbabies) but I couldn't get them to fit on the sidebar. Too wide. And the directions they gave me were to create a new post and publish but I got an error saying it couldn't use the bar brackets around.....something or other. I'm not sure that would have put it at the top anyway, it might just have gone through as a regular post and disappeared after 7 days. But at least you can see them and I'll keep trying. Between trying to get this the way I want it and trying to put together my first kit..........I need a Me moment. "Calgon! Take Me Away!" Do they even still have that commercial?

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Susie said...

Oh Melanie, I'm at work and I can't see any of your pictures, (they block some things) going to our daughter's this weekend, which is on the other side of wild wonderful west virginny, and she has dial up, so I won't get to check out your site fully until I get home Monday Wah!!! So far as I can see (without pictures) I love your site, Congrats on getting going with designing & blogging, I wish you all the best. I'm sure your blog will be one of my favs too!!Have fun!! HUGS!! twpclerk