Friday, October 17, 2008


I almost forgot to stop in here. I've been scouring tutorials for a good one for making bows in PS Elements. We don't have the warp that all the tuts call for to make that "curve" in the bow. If anybody's got one let me know but for now, Teacher (Sherah Kraan aka Skrapperdigitals) says I can use a photo extracted. That will have to do until I find something else.

We had our weekly chat at the Digi Design Academy last night and I sprung my blog on them. They all seemed to like it even though it's not finished. But they really liked my photo in the header so I thought I'd tell you, too. I took that photo in my back yard. It's down a bank so we've never been flooded but it's a nice creek to go wading or swimming in. Some areas are shallow and slow moving and have a gazillion crawdads (crayfish) swimming around that the grandbabies like to catch in their nets. Other areas are swift and the kids love having their feet knocked out from under them before being carried away on the current. Hahaha! And yet still others are deep enough for some good fishing! And all of these are within a 200 yard area or smaller so we can do any or all of the above. Now......don't you wish you had one?

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pkdoll said...

I sure wish I had one!!! It's such a beautiful site from your backyard. I always envied your backyard view--so YES I wish I had one!!LMAO!