Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm so sorry!

Oh, dear. (sigh) I've left you all hanging for the entire week! I'm so sorry. I was playing football with my 2 grandsons this past weekend and tripped over a hole in the ground (no, I wasn't tackled although, they did pile on top of me after I was already down! Little devils. Hahahaha!) and fell and must have somehow jarred my teeth enough to lose a filling and about 1/2 of my tooth! So I haven't felt like doing much. The tooth didn't hurt as much as the tongue that kept getting cut by the sharp edge on the tooth. And then, of course, the Dr had to poke and prod and make every other tooth sore, too. He did grind off that sharp knife edge that threatened to cut my tongue in half. Then, because I don't go to the dentist unless something is wrong, they had to do a cleaning............Now my gums hurt, too! I had to apologize to the hygenist as I haven't had a cleaning done in about 30 years. Childhood traumas and all know how it goes. But, one good thing, no cavities! I just have to get this broken tooth extracted! Oh my GOSH! Decision put to sleep or just get knocked loopy and hope I don't remember any of it. If I have them put me to sleep, they can take the wisdom teeth out too. (Yes, I still have them! How do you think I got so smart? mwahahaha!) Oh, well. Taking a page from Scarlet O'Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow!"

I can't believe it but I got an award! (wipes a tear) It came from my very good friend at Scrapbook Max, Crops2Dawn. Thanks Croppy! It's the "This blog has heart" award which means more to me than most people would think. I'll be spreading this around tonight, I hope. Another one of those things I have to figure out how to do. And I'll have to figure out how to link to everything on here. I've never blogged before, as you know. I've only been on forums where you CAN'T link to another site anywhere. But I just realized..........this is MY site. I can link to everything and everybody if I want to and no one can give me the dreaded "infraction" for doing so! Hahahahaha! So, next post I'll try to remember to leave you "directions" so you can find everything and everybody I'm talking about!

Did you like the sneak peek? Come on! Admit it! You looked, didn't ya. Those are just a small part of the kit. I got started and couldn't seem to quit. I'm still adding stuff. I should have it finished and submitted this weekend and then, after she checks it and I correct everthing, I'll post the homework part and the Add-ons here for you as my thanks for sticking with me.

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Carol said...

Well, of course I peeked, who in their right mind wouldnt....hahaha
I cant wait to see it all....
Ummm, about that tooth being extracted...take some advice from me, I just had 2 done alittle over a month ago... I wished they put me to sleep, and IF I ever have to go through that again...I WILL demand it... I gotta tell ya, that was one of the worst experiences I ever had!!! I havent been back since, and I dont know when I will get my nerve up to call, but I know I HAVE to someday....LOL
Great job on NO cavities....that is awesome!!!! and 30 years not going to the dentist sounds like my sister, I think its been that long for her, she was the one that always had cavities and they didnt have novacaine back then...
If you need help with anything with this blog, just email me, I will be happy to help ya!!!
Now I gotta get to my blog and type away.....LOL Take care gf!!!