Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well......what do you think?

I worked on several things over the weekend. I think I'm almost ready to submit my assignment. I just have to make a decorative border.......hmmmm......nope! No ideas are coming to me yet. Hahaha! But some of you asked to see my ironed flat bow so here it is.

And here's the liquified bow I made. Much better but still needs some............Ummph! I found the liquify works better with the plain bow. The decorations kept "blowing up" and "sliding" all over the place. I quess the flat one would be OK for some layouts as well so I'll keep it, too.

Have you noticed the "Blogs I visit Daily" area over to your right? I fixed it so that I always know when someone has updated their blog and how long ago. That way I'm not spending time hopping around just to see the same blog I read yesterday! If you stop by MY blog everday, you'll know who's updated, too! (snicker, snicker) Then I'll have visitors EVERY DAY!!! Mwahahahahaha!
Thanks to all my new visitors who stopped by to check me out! I hope you enjoyed yourselves and will stop back by again and again! And a very special thanks to all who left comments. You really made me feel encouraged about my decision to start this. Hugs to all of you!


Anne of Alamo said...

welcome to the blog world...the hardest part is keeping it going!! lol
but this is very soft and nice to come too...I plow like a hammer and try and figure it out...good job takin' a class!
I like the liquid bow the best!
keep it up...they will come!
I had someone I consider "big" in the blogging world leave a comment, and I was all exciteed! lol

Carol said...

Mornin' Mel!!! Your bow looks awesome!!! I found that liquid thing months ago, but never knew what to do with I had NO idea even how to use it...lmao. I brought in some word art and started playing...I think I am in love....who knew you could do so much with it!!!! LOL I will be playing more with it I am sure!
Take Care!!!

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

G'mornin' Mel :) I think your bows look awesome! did you do them in RDP or PSE5?