Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The start of a new dream......

My first day blogging........and I have no idea what I'm doing. LOL! I'm following a dream to become a designer of digital scrapbook products. This is my journey. Follow me as I learn what it takes to become one (and if I have IT) and hopefully soon, I'll have some freebies to share.

I started digitally scrapbooking in Nov of 2007. I had only done one paper scrapbook before going digital. It was for an album of family stories of ancestors and those still living in an attempt to preserve these stories for future generations so that these ancestors would be more than just a picture on the wall. They would have substance and meaning when we hear their names. The album turned out beautiful......and expensive! My word! I couldn't believe how much I spent on paper products. And if I didn't like it.....Oh Well! It was pasted down. I had no desire to EVER make another album. Then, a lady I ordered some paper products from recommended Scrapbook Max on her site and I bought it the same day. It was so easy! To this day, I'd rather make a layout in SBM than in my PSE 5 or RDP.

The people at SBM's forum were so very helpful in getting me started in digital scrapping. I can't name all the wonderful people who've been instrumental in getting me to this point. But I want to thank each and every one of them. Angelwithin's weekly challenges taught me a lot and the Groove's newsletter monthly challenges, too. Soon, I discovered a whole WORLD of digital scrapbooking sites and there were so many wonderful scrappers out there. I continued to improve in my layout designs with the help of all these people but then I wanted to try my hand at making my own stuff.

I took a couple designer classes, tried a few free tutorials, joined Estee's Barn RDP tutorial site and then I found the Design Academy at Stone Accents Studio. Sherah Kraan (aka skrapperdigitals) is the teacher and her class is so ........well......"complete". She includes making your own papers and elements as well as all the behind the scenes stuff like quality checks, resources, blinkies, essential & optional items in a kit, setting up your creative team, creating your logo...........and starting your first blog. So, here I am.

My blog header is non-existent at this time. I'm supposed to create my own stuff to put on it. That will come along somewhere on this journey. I like this "heritage" color so this is the template I picked but this too may change along the way. I hope to share my journey with some of you who also want to try this designer business for yourselves. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll join me again soon for some chai tea and gossip.

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pkdoll said...

OMG!!!!! MELANIE!!!!! You sly fox you! Welcome to the blogging world sweetheart!! Love your blog! This is going to be listed on my favorite blogs list on my blog. I will be back to see your blog daily!! Congrats my dear friend!