Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm doing the happy dance. I made a pattern last night for my "homework kit" that I just LOVE! I had to use it to make a paper in EVERY color and then made ribbons, too! Hahahaha! Now, how am I gonna pick which color paper gets to be in the kit? mwahahaha! That one little thing.......just a really nice pattern that I, myself, made........ (from a shape that came IN the software, for goodness sakes) ......... has me so excited I can't wait to show it off. ( shakes head)I'm such a ninny. But, since I haven't yet figured out how to put the slideshow up, I haven't tried the "insert photo here" part of the blogging either. So you'll have to wait until I figure that part out before I can give you a sneak peak. I can't offer it as a freebie until the teacher checks it for mistakes but then I'll share it with all of you.

After the paper-making spree, I had to watch the presidential debate and after that, Ghost Hunters was on Sci-fi. I never miss Ghost Hunters! Even for scrapbooking. LOL! So that's all I got done but I hope to work on those elements I TOLD you I was gonna make LAST night tonight instead.

Elements are HARD! Can I be a designer of just papers? I'm getting pretty good with papers. No, huh? Well, darn. I've got some elements that I'm going to make from photos but I also have to make up some items from scratch. Making them look 3-D in a 2-D environment makes me reject everything I come up with. But I'll keep trying. I'm bound to stumble onto that perfect technique, just like my pattern from last night........... and then I'll want to make one in every color! Hahahaha! See ya tomorrow!


Sherah Kraan said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see your papers!!

Cindyrelly said...

Hi Melanie :) Congratulations on starting your blog! If you have questions on inserting pics let me know and I can help. I can't wait to see your previews ;) I'm off to do lesson 2... I'm sooooo behind! BFN...Cindy

pkdoll said...

Oooooh! Now I can't wait to see the papers. Can't you post a sneak peak puuuurrrty pleeeeeze!!hahaha! Keeping us in suspense---:)