Friday, February 13, 2009

Doin' the Birthday Shuffle

I can't dance. Ask anyone. I just sorta shuffle around so......I'm doin' the Birthday Shuffle! Looks kinda like a Boot Scootin' Boogie but it's not! And stop laughing, you guys!

I already gave you your gift so now it's time for me to get goodies! ...............................uh hum..........yeah, that's what I figured. Everyone at home is still in bed on this special day. And I'm sitting here at work waiting for the mad rush of calls from yesterday's wind storm. BUT.....they promised to take me to a Japanese Steak house and sushi bar tonight! Yippee! I love that place except when they throw the food at you. Hahahaha! Never been to one, you say? Well, it's quite a treat. Ya gotta try it at least once. But watch out! All the ones I've been to have this one moment when they throw a bite of food at you and you're SUPPOSED to catch it in your mouth....................right. I NEVER let them throw my food at me but the guy next to me will invariable miss and it lands in my hair. Yuck! I try to time my bathroom break for that "one moment". (Good tip there for you.)

And yes, BABY sister, I DID get the large one that swivels........ so I don't have to turn my glasses upside down like Mom! LOL! And remember, you've had bifocals a LOT longer than I have!!!!! See Crops! You aren't the only one with evil sisters! But I sure wish they were all 3 here to go with me to the Steak House tonight. (Yes, Jean. That means you too!) But the BABY is in Florida and I don't think she wants to fly 2 hours up and 2 hours back just to go to the Japanese Steak house with me. She could be here before the others who are in West Virginia yet still nearly 4 hours drive from me but it would cost her a good bit more than them. But if she REALLY loved me....................

Well, the calls are starting so I better get to work. Hope your day is bright and shiny! (And that I GET something bright and shiny, too. Heehee!)


Bunny Cates, said...


Crops said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu, Happy Birthday OGBYNHOPEEEEEEEEEEEE....Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Where's the damn cake????? LOL
Have a wonderful day!!!!

Crops said...


eilajean said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a fun one!!!!!

biggest of hugs!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mel. I won't ask how old, but I will say have a lovely day, a wonderful dinner and get p'd, and behave disgracefully. Your birthday only comes once a year, besides they can always take you back tomorrow to say "sorry, but can I come back and do the same next year".

Have a great day

nancy said...

Hopping over from Eila blog.Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Crops said...

Ok, so it wasn't the night you wanted.... hey it could be worse!! You might not have a friend like me, stopping by your blog to cheer you that would be terrible, wouldn't it!!! So here I am trying to make the best out of the last few hours of your birthday... wanna another shot...what are you gonna try this time, hmmmm, how about a buttery nipple.....lmao... have you ever had one, it's butterscotch snapps with Baileys Irish creme, goes down like candy! You'll love it!!
CHEERS.... now take some of this popcorn and throw it at someone... anyone but ME!!!! Ok, time for another shot...what's it gonna be this time....let's just have a shot of Bailey's... yummmmm, tastes good, huh???? Ok, lets go play some darts, ever do that... I know, I have a few pictures of your ex, let's put his mug up there and throw a few....
BULLEYEEEEEEEE, your pretty good at this!!! You've been praticing, haven't you???? OK, time for shot 2 or was that thwee, anyway, lets do sambucca, yeah, that is wicked, we won't be standin to much longggerr, but CHEERSSSS... Happy Birtzdayyyy! wherzeee that poopcorn, I cant find the stipid bag anywherzeeee. Oh well, who needs poopcorn anyway, right, I Love ya man....wahoooo, I love everyone....we be friendz forever!
Hey, who took my chair, someone stole my damn hiding it???? And WHAT HAPPEND TO YOUR HAIR???? Shot 5 coming your wayy,
YIPPIEEEEEEEEE, come one everyone, sing da birtzday song to Mel... ohh, look a birtzday cake with all those candles, where is the fire extunquisherzzz, (psst, just in case, ok!!!) wanna be safe, than sorry... BLOW them out Mel....geezeee, you got some good lungs! shot 45, heyymelanie how old are you, I dontthingican do anymore oftheseshots!!!lets justsay you are 45 okaybee!!!
Time to call us a tazicabbie, cause I ain't feeling to good, how about you???? Go gets yurself in bed, cause I ain't carry you up them steps!...see ya in da morning...HEYYYYY MELLLL, did ya have FUN or whatttttttttt!!! Let's do dis again somday, ok!!!!

Cindyrelly said...

Happy Birthday Woman!! 39 and HOLDING, Right? Same here! You sure have a great sense of humor :)