Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a night.......

It certainly didn't turn out the way we planned. The girls surprised me early in the day to say we were getting pedicures before we went to the restaurant. WHAT??!! But I didn't shave my legs! That's OK, Mom. I'll bring you a razor to work. Can you get off early? Sure, we had several cancellations so no prob.

That's when the trouble began. Rachel took her 4 kids to her dad's place as her stepmother promised to watch all the grandkids for us. (Her first time alone with all of them.) Cassidy met her there and dropped off her 2. Then, for some reason, Rachel's dad insists she get tires on her van before we go out. In the mean time, my boss lets me off work at 3:00. BUT I have to wait on the girls. At 5:00 as my co-workers are all leaving, he says "Are you sure they're coming?" Rachel has no cell phone so I'm wondering the answer to this myself but I continue to wait. At 5:40 they pull up and haven't even gotten her check cashed yet. "We'll be right back." Ok. So I'm rolling my hair when they get back. Then I have to shave my legs. In a sink that hangs off the wall. So here I am with my leg all hitched up in the sink when the girls knock to get in.

Now, I KNOW they have my camera out there and I'm just sure that's what they are planning so here I am trying to keep the door locked while shaving as fast as I can. They find the key and are breaking in, I'm pushing against the door, still with one leg in the sink.......well, we were certainly having FUN! And NO you can't see the pic! Bwahahahahaha!!

We got our pedicures done and came back to pick up my cell phone and saw there was a message. Seems the stepmother was suddenly too sick to watch the kids. We couldn't find anyone else to watch them so the girls headed out to pick up their kids and I headed home alone. Stopped by Chick-fil-a and got a sandwich. I hate February.

Late that night the girls called and said to meet them at the ER. Stepmother had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance and they need ME to watch all the grandkids. So now I'm feeling bad because I thought the kids were just too much for her to handle alone. I am SUCH an evil person. I WAS actually going to send a Thank You card after my evening out but now it will have to be a Get-Well card! I go and pick up the babies. Next morning I find out they couldn't find anything wrong with her and were just putting it down to a virus. Hmmmmm........

One good thing, I think the girls were as disappointed as I. We were all getting along and having a good time teasing each other. Then BAM....February rears it's ugly head..............But we do have pretty toe nails. Wanna see?

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eilajean said...

CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY - Love the toes... Foot fotos are always fun! I am so sorry you did not get to have the night out you had hoped for... My guess is that 3 kids was way toooo much for the "step-wife"... That was the term we always used for my father's second wife. She was HIS step-wife, because she was NO relation to us... and they were married for 30 years (I was young when they got married)... I am not sure I could handle all 5 of our grand kids at this point... although they are getting older, and I assume it might get easier. I have no idea how my mom did it - 7 children (8 1/2 years from oldest to youngest).

When you are in Montana next - you will have to swing by Yellowstone to meet the "friends" on your card... that is where they live. I did a road trip through the part (in February of all months) and they are some of the critters I encountered along the way.

I also read the post above - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts. They are STUNNING! I have been working on a fun on, and now I have to go back and get a little more creative cuz it pales in comparison to yours.

Have an amazing day!!!!!