Thursday, February 26, 2009

Layouts to show you

And they all used my new kit, Bring Me A Dream! I just love it when I find layouts people used my kits to make. I enjoy seeing the different ways they used all the elements. This first one is from my loyal friend, Crops2Dawn, who always cheers me up and pats me on the back whether I deserve it or not. She even had a "pity" party for me on my birthday and got "skunked". Well, she pretended to get drunk. LOL! (See my comments area on Fri 13th) She's a dear, dear friend even though we've never met. I love this layout of hers!

The next layout is from my ever faithful follower, Eye! And just look where she put Mr. Sandman! LOL! So, so cute! Great page, Eye! I just LOVE it!

And this next one is from another good friend at SBM and DSO. Makeyesup made this wonderful layout of her granddaughters just one night after Christmas. I doubt Mr Sandman had a hard time getting them to sleep after such a busy day. Aren't they sweet?

Thank you, ladies for your beautiful work and for letting me show them off! I'm glad you like the new kit. I just love seeing sleeping children, don't you? They are so warm and sweet and innocent.

Ok, just one more and this one is my own layout of 2 of my grandsons. And yes, there's Cameron the model for my Mr. Sandman! He loved playing the part and was so patient with me taking his picture. I love you, Cameron!

I have a couple things on my desktop that I'm working on. We'll have to wait and see what gets done first! Keep checking back for the next chapter in my journey to become a digiscrap designer.

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Anonymous said...

These layouts are just wicked.

Not sure about the tagging, I have never been tagged before. "aaah my poor bleeding heart" - says Mel. But..... you know me - I will give it a go.

Caio hon