Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Baa-aack!

Couldn't stand it anymore! I missed my computer! Sad, isn't it? That I couldn't get out and find something else to do? Well, I did but it was shopping for a new monitor! LOL!

Sorry, Crops! I just don't want the hassle of Vista if I can get around it. I took Eilajean's advice and got the new monitor for now. I remembered Circuit City was going out of business so got a good deal on one. I am UP, SET and BACK on TRACK! Now when my computer goes down, I'll still have a good monitor to add to the laptop I'll get then. I really want a laptop so I can do my creating anywhere I the car, on vacation, etc. But I'll hold out for a little longer anyway.

Thanks everyone for all the comments and downloads of Grandmother's Parlor and the wordart add-on. You've all cheered me up immensely! And now I can get back to working on new stuff! Yippee!

Wow! This wind is ferocious! 40 and 50 MPH winds here with a lot of damage everywhere! My day job as a CSR for an auto glass replacement company is about to get even busier. (sigh) We are still trying to catch up after the ice storm and now THIS! I'm at work right now and the front door keeps getting SUCKED open! That's right! It opens outward and is being sucked out! Then things in the office keep getting blown around. It's gonna be a bad day. Yeah, it's February. At least there's no damage at my house.........not yet. We've tried to prepare and have everything "battened down" that we can think of. Hope you all are safe where ever you are!


eilajean said...

yay! thanks for popping over - it is OK about the angel - I actually marked the photo and sent one of my "peeps" (a roadmap to the angel) LOL. Auh, but I luvs her anyway... It is harder to see on the screen - but really jumps out in the actual photo. Look to where the beam of light hits the path... there is an arch of light - she goes up from there, about 1/2 way as tall as the trees. Don't look hard - look soft, and she sort of comes out... hard to explain.

Anyway, I sure hope your weather calms down. We get pretty crazy winds here sometimes, and I am always affraid a tree is going to crush the house wheil we sleep. ICK...

Have a great day... I am a scanning fool - I have some amazing slides...and an idea.



Crops said...

Ohhhh Sure listen to ET! LMAO....actually you did it the same way I did, I bought the monitor, had it a few years, then got the computer...yeah, I want a laptop too, but that is just a dream for now....LOL

Ok, I just read ET's comment....she is one funnnyyyyy girl!!!! Don't worry Mel, I could see the angel either......LOL But I do have a pretty picture with a circle to show me it....LMAO.

Now, for the real reason I am here.... LOL well, I would of popped in later anyway....LOL I got a something for ya on me blog, so now that you can see it with your new monitor and all....hop on over to grab it before your computer dies....hahahahha

Crops said...

Hey, stop making me bust a rib!!! And stop teasing me about the ZOO... you know how much I want to go....LMAO....I'm even working on a Tiger at the moment...LOL Go ahead and copy my list, peeps do it all the time... no, not my list...but other lists, ohh geeze I am confusing myself! LMAO....that isn't really hard to do!
Hey you wanna get your butt over here and get your pool out of my pond???? Then we can go to the zoo! But before we go, I got a pair of scissors that have your name written all over them...bwahahahahahahaha

Have a good night sweetie and thanks for making me laugh!!!
Huge Hugs!

PS.... DORK here....that's me, I was just re-reading my post, man I can make really good typos sometimes.... that should say....
" I COULDN'T see the angel either.... LOL

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you got a new monitor...hope it's a big YOUR age, I'm sure your vision isn't what it used to be. HA HA HA. You may have to try turning your glasses up-side-down like Mom does (or try turning the monitor up-side-down.)

Just kidding, of course. You know that the only reason I tease you is because I like you so much.

Hope you have a great day!

Gentle hugs & sloppy kisses,

Your (much younger and most favorite) sister.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweetie and I hope it is very special.Love your work xo.