Monday, February 16, 2009

I've got some pretty layouts....

And I just HAVE to show them off! Another good friend from SBM, SACannon, has made a layout using my Grandmother's Parlor kit and allowed me to show it off to you! Sue had my name for our After-Christmas gift exchange at SBM and sent me some wonderful things from her area of Ohio, USA. Her layout is of a wedding photo of her aunt and uncle! Isn't it a beautiful photo?

And then my good friend, Eye has sent me another one. She is making a wedding album for herself and is trying to include something from every person at SBM! I am SO honored to be included in her album. Wasn't she a beautiful bride?

I just love having people send me their layouts!! If YOU use any of my kits, will you please send them to me? I'd love to show them off!!

I've been working on some CT layouts for Jazz this week. She has been VERY sick with pneumonia and has been trying to stay in bed and OUT of the hospital so she hasn't been blogging since the end of Jan. I miss her! She could REALLY use your prayers. But she did manage to get some new word art into her store at DSO! Last I checked it was marked at 25% OFF and is called Love Day Tags! Hurry here and get it before the sale goes off! Want to see a preview? OK!

REALLY cute, huh! And they aren't specific to lovers. So many of them can be used with children or grandchildren layouts as well. Gotta love THAT! Sue used one of them in her layout above of her Aunt and Uncle!!

I haven't used any of these YET! But I did use some of her latest kits. These next two are of children of a friend of mine. I used Jazz's Girl Power for this first one.

I did this layout for Jazz's Photo Op Challenge at DSO! She hosts a challenge where all you have to do is "change" your photo is SOME way. Doesn't matter if it's sepia or b&w or something a little more advanced but you have to include HOW you changed it so that the rest of us can try the same technique! And your posting bonus is always some kind of wordart! Cool, huh! For this layout, I extracted the little girl from the original, hit copy layer, then turned the "eye" off so it would be invisible. Then working on the original again, I used smart blur to soften the picture so it looked more like a watercolor. For the top photo, I did the same but then used the Hard Light blending mode and faded it into the background. Then turned the "eye" back on for the extracted girl so she would be still in place over her blurred image but she would still be clear. And voila!

For this next layout I used Jazz's Tiny Love Notes from DSO. This layout has been chosen as a Gallery Standout at DSO! I'm so tickled. By the way, my layout of my parents kissing (see the Jan 29th posting below) has been nominated for Layout Of the Week at My Scrap Shop! I'm on a roll! LOL! Anyway back to THIS layout. This is the baby sister of the girl in my above layout. Aren't they both just the sweetest things? Perfect little posers!

I made this one while practicing on my cluster work. I just love how it turned out. Wasn't sure about using wordart for this and asked my SBM friends for their opinion on the clustering and got some great advice! (I can always count on my friends there to help me out! Thanks, guys!)

Well, guess that's it for today. Stop by the SBM gallery and leave my friends, Eye and SACannon, some lovin' on their layouts, will ya? And tell them I sent ya!!


eilajean said...

I'll be happy to send your card to you in full res - it is, after all JUST FOR YOU... and I did use your own kit after all.

I did make one layout today, using part of one of your will mak you smile, I just know it!



Crops said...

Hi sweetie, I'm not ignoring you, I will be back tomorrow....just busy being a raving maniac!