Thursday, February 19, 2009

I know, I KNOW!

There's just one week left to get my kit done for Kimb's Feb color challenge! My excuse? Well, Feb's a short month! It crept up on me faster than normal! Hahahaha! know me. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow! But I am working on one. If you go to DSO, you can still get TONS of freebies already from those crazy people who always seem to get theirs done EARLY! Like Crops! She even had the nerve to do an ADD-ON already! Hahaha! And it's gorgeous, as always!

These colors were really NOT my style. I saw 60's psychedelic (goodness! How do you spell THAT one?) right off the bat! Long hair, bell bottoms and hippies dancing around with flowers in their hair. But I kept looking at them, trying to see ANYthing else. Started going off on the spring side with hyacinths and crocuses, some tulips........ but just couldn't get it right. So I'll save those for later in the spring. FINALLY, I think I may have hit on something.......Want a hint? Ok, but you gotta sing this in your head as you read ready?...........Are you sure?...........nah, let's leave it a surprise...................... No?................Ok try this...............Mr Sandman, Bring Me A Dream! Uh HUH! Had to sing it, didn't ya! Now, if only I don't change my mind again. Guess it's STILL gonna be a surprise then, huh! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Check back next week. (Better make it that weekend. sigh)


pkdoll said...

Hi Mel! Just stopping by to check on you. Mr. Sandman huh??? Can't wait to see what you do. Talk to you soon.

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

lol.. i can't wait to see what you do too! have fun! :)

Professor Dru said...

Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Go to for award guidelines.